Instant 802.3AF Outdoor 48V POE
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Ubiquiti Instant 802.3AF Outdoor 48V POE (INS-8023AF-O)

INS-8023AF-O, Instant 802.3af outdoor adapter, UBIQUITI

Brand: Ubiquiti
Model: INS-8023AF-O
EAN/UPC: 0810354021770
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$ 16.50 $ 14.00
In stock - 61 pcs
In stock - 61 pcs

Instant 802.3AF Outdoor 48V POE

Creating and managing a huge network, especially a wireless one, can be pretty daunting, more so if you’re dealing with a lot of cables. Fortunately, the Instant 802.AF Outdoor 48V PoE was invented, and your life has become a lot easier.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest reasons for using a PoE is you can save more money in the long run. In fact, many network owners and managers can attest to savings of around $500 just by implementing this one. After all, you can now say good-bye to messy cables, and two you don’t have to be reliant on professional installers anymore. You’re also able to maximize your electric power and experience few interruptions because of the more minimalist setup.

Better Control

The Instant 802.AF Outdoor 48V PoE adapter also works with a lot of different kinds of switches, which then allow you to remotely manage not only the PoE systems but also the networks that are attached to them. This is basically one of the best ways to help save you time and energy since you can do almost everything related to network management at your own convenience and your preferred space.

Compatible with Many Devices

The Instant 802.AF Outdoor 48V PoE is compatible with a lot of device that are also running using the 48V power. These include AirMax products such as Bullet TitaniumM, NanoBridgeM, AirGridM, PicoStationM, and RocketM. You can also make use of this for your AirVision products like AirCam Mini, AirCam Dome, and AirCam; UniFi series like UniFi AP, UniFi AP LR, and UniFi AP Outdoor; as well as mFi products like mPort Serial and mPort. With the Instant 802.AF Outdoor 48V PoE, you can quickly and conveniently build the network that you want with less hassle or dependency on more cables.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - Instant 802.3AF Outdoor 48V POE
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Product review
Otes Mendousa
Delivered in a promised time! Prise was good too! 5 stars!!
Ly Ciregna
Awesome device!!Easy to configure and work with...Stable!! works well and I no longer need separate POE connectors... AA++
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Ubiquiti Instant 802.3AF Outdoor 48V POE (INS-8023AF-O)
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