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Ethernet Surge Protector 8P PoE Desktop
Surge Arresters
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Cyberteam Ethernet Surge Protector 8P PoE Desktop (SP-8P-D)

Cyberteam Ethernet Surge Protector 8P PoE Desktop

Brand: Cyberteam
Model: SP-8P-D
EAN/UPC: 5901225203069
$ 48.20
$ 47.14
Order over $ 568.41
$ 46.09
Order over $ 1,136.83
$ 45.03
Order over $ 5,684.13
$ 43.97
Order over $ 11,368.25
In stock - 2 pcs
In stock - 2 pcs

Ethernet Surge Protector SP-8P-D is a device that effectively protects Ethernet network aganist surges arising as a results of inducing charges of high voltage.

Charges generated durinSurge g atmospheric discharges demage the Ethernet ports on network devices. They can also cause damage to the ientire system, often rather expensive. The guarantee imposed by the manufacturer does not cover this type of demage and must be repaired at the cost of the owner.

Ethernet Surge Protector collects the loads induced in the network and safely transfers it to the ground, which effectively prevents demage resulting to the surges.

Ethernet Surge Protectors prevent quite a lot of devastating damages to valuable computer systems and other networking equipment every year. Lighting surge protector will ensure peace of mind, as you know that your devices are safe, even in the midst of thunder-storms.

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Cyberteam Ethernet Surge Protector 8P PoE Desktop (SP-8P-D)
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