RF Elements
StationBox XL 5GHz 19dBi
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StationBox XL 5GHz 19dBi SBXXL519 RF Elements

SBXXL519, RF Elements StationBox XL 5GHz 19dBi

Brand: RF Elements

Model: SBXXL519

EAN/UPC: 0733115909691

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Antenna Design

StationBox XL has built in dual polarization antenna. RF Elements create antennas using state of the art technology combined with experience and skills of our engineers. Antenna design is addressing customer requirements for improved gain, as well as front-to-back ratio and reduced side lobes in antenna radiation pattern.

Made For MikroTik

StationBox XL is designed for seamless integration with MikroTik RouterBoards RB911, RB711, RB411 and RB433. You can install virtually everything from integrated and compact RB911 up to powerful RB433 fully loaded with 3 wireless cards and ability to feed external antennas. Visibility of RouterBoard LEDs is also maintained.

3-Axis Positioning System

StationBox® XL comes with ultimate mounting solution directly from factory. 3-Axis positioning system allows you to adjust the position of StationBox® XL in three axis using ball hinge. By ability to set azimuth, elevation and rotation, you will unleash maximum possible transmission effectivity of wireless link.

Easy Installation

StationBox XL can be easily mounted on the pole or on the wall. Our newest generation of 3-Axis Bracket uses ball hinge with special fast locking system that can be operated with one hand, even when wearing winter gloves.

Designed in Details

StationBox XL is unique and distinct from the crowd. Revolutionary designed bracket fully integrated with CPE, RouterBoard chassis sliding inside the enclosure, or small details as LEDs or locks - these are just examples of our design approach.


Pigtails are not included in the package, to connect Stationbox XL with RouterBoard you need MMCX-MMCX pigtails.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - StationBox XL 5GHz 19dBi Installation Guide - StationBox XL 5GHz 19dBi
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