RouterBoard 2011iLS-IN
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RB2011iLS-IN - MikroTik RouterBoard 2011iLS-IN

RB2011iLS-IN, Routerboard 2011iLS-IN 5xGbit + 5x100Mbit + 1xSFP Router, MIKROTIK

Brand: MikroTik

Model: RB2011iLS-IN

EAN/UPC: 0733115909882

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In stock - 28 pcs


Are you planning to build a much bigger network? Do you want to spend less time figuring fiber optic and copper cables? Then what you’re looking for is RouterBoard 11iLS-N, which has an SFP cage and 11 ports, 5 of which are Gigabit Ethernet ports with easy conversion from fiber to copper.

Perfect for Fiber Cables

If you’re using fiber cables or technology for your home, then the RouterBoard 2011iLS-IN is one of the best options for you. It comes with an SFP cage that helps lengthen the lifespan of your cables and ensures the proper transmission of data within the network. This doesn’t have the SFP transreceiver, but the cage itself is compatible with a number of them such as S-31DLC20D, S-85DLC05D, and S-35/53LC20D. In other words, building and improving the function of the device is not only quick but also extremely easy.

Vast Network Options

The RouterBoard 2011iLS-IN allows you to create different network structures depending on your needs and preferences. The device has a total of 11 ports. Five of them are designated as fast Ethernet while 5 are intended for Gigabit connection. The latter also provides immediate conversion of fiber to copper technology. The device can be operated using a power over Ethernet, which reduces reliance on physical cables or a power jack. The RouterBoard 2011iLS-IN is equipped with an Atheros MIPS 74K processor and a memory of 64MB RAM.

RouterOS License 4

The RouterBoard 2011iLS-IN runs with a RouterOS L4, which is its operating system. It means you can upgrade the device to version 6.x or keep the current version infinitely. It also guarantees up to 15 days’ worth of configuration support from a professional team of customer representatives. The preferred correspondence is e-mail. The operating system gives the device unlimited support for EoIP tunnels and VLAN interfaces. You can also use it for various kinds of routing protocols.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - RouterBoard 2011iLS-IN Quick Start Guide - RouterBoard 2011iLS-IN
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Amanda Griffith
Good stuff for low price. I love support on eurodk.com, they are awesome
Sara Abbott
Not so easy to setup this one. It has a lot of options, and deffinetly not for a noobs.
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