RouterBoard 450G
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RouterBoard 450G RB450G MikroTik

RB450G, RouterBOARD 450G, 5 gigabit LAN Router RB450G, MIKROTIK

Brand: MikroTik

Model: RB450G

EAN/UPC: 0733115906843

4.6 /5
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$ 67.00
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In stock - 26 pcs
In stock - 26 pcs

RouterBoard 450G

The RouterBoard 450G is a huge upgrade from its predecessor, RB450. It’s way faster, more efficient, more stable, and more reliable without spending too much money on the add-ons. It’s ideal for home and enterprise use.

Gigabit Power

RouterBoard 450G uses Gigabit Ethernet, which means it uploads and downloads data at warp speed. This allows users to perform a wide variety of computer functions simultaneously, from e-mailing to video streaming. Based on tests, the maximum throughput starts at 650 mbps, which is so much better than what the other competitors can offer.


The 256MB RAM complements the inclusion of gigabit Ethernet by ensuring the device doesn’t slow down when in use, especially if there are a lot of people relying on the network. It is just enough for your network use and needs.

Easy File Storage

Though this doesn’t come with a USB port, it also has a microSD slot, which allows the user to transfer and save files so easily and quickly.

More Ports

On the average, a competing device has 4 ports. The RouterBoard 450G has 5, thereby increasing your network conveniently. This makes the device perfect for a business setting, particularly for startups that have around 5 to 10 employees.


The device makes use of AR7161 680MHz Atheros from Qualcomm. It’s a cost-effective CPU that can be easily scaled depending on the demands of the user. The speed and efficiency of the CPU makes data services more satisfying. Expect zero to very minimal connectivity issues with VOIP telephony.

The RouterBoard450G is also equipped with 5 user LEDs, and sensors for temperature and voltage. It measures 9 cm in width and 11.5 cm in diameter. It doesn’t offer 802.3af support but works on RouterOS L5, which guarantees up to 30 days of full configuration support.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - RouterBoard 450G Quick Start Guide - RouterBoard 450G User Guide - RouterBoard 450G
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Product review
Grady Barton
The best inexpensive router I have ever purchased. There is a large learning curve if you are doing complicated configurations, but there is a lot of help with this product on the internet. I would suggest this to anyone on a budget, yet wants the power of the big named routers.
Courtney Beck
Definitely the most powerful wireless router money can buy, but it's not for the ordinary user. There is a huge learning curve (on a par with configuring a Cisco router), but I've been using Mikrotik for some time now. It does all sorts of routing protocols, Vlans, virtual AP, hotspot etc It's even MPLS capable, the cheapest Cisco MPLS capable router is a few thousand.
Stacy Warren
If you have some knowledge of wireless router setup or don't need any fancy configuration you shouldn't have a problem. For the average home or small business router there isn't any need to change all kinds of settings. Log onto the interface screen and change your security settings, that's surf the internet. The biggest downfall to this product compared to other "name brands" is there is no wizard to walk you through security settings and changing the address and name of the router. Overall this is a good router for the price but not the best out there in my opinion.
Cary Flowers
Alomust perfect! The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is that I realize not everyone has the experience to configure this box, Mikrotik should take the time to prepare a quick start PAPER guide showing the steps for configuring basic services on this router
Jeffrey Rowe
Let me start of by saying that I usually like Mikrotik products. I've worked with the RB450G in the past and I think their RouterOS is fantastic. If you're looking for professional networking gear at consumer prices that'll give you Cisco-type flexibility then Mikrotik is the way to go. The learning curve is steep and you need to be willing to make that investment if you're a consumer.
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RouterBoard 450G RB450G MikroTik
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