Radome 2
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Radome 2 RAD-RD2 Ubiquiti

RAD-RD2 Radome Cover for Ubiquiti Rocketdish RD-5G30, RD-3G26, RD-2G24, PBM10

Brand: Ubiquiti

Model: RAD-RD2

EAN/UPC: 0810354021244

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Radome 2

Though a RocketDish is built with the harsh weather conditions outdoors in mind, they can still be made to last even longer by adding a Radome 2. This is a kind of protective dome that makes sure the dish and all its sensitive components are further protected and secure against different elements in the outdoors. The Radome 2 makes you feel more at peace, knowing that your investments are fully secured.

Scare Away the Thieves

Intruders are common, and they can set their sights on your comprehensive network systems. The RocketDish is reasonably priced, but then it isn’t the cheapest. So you don’t end up spending for another unit because of theft, you can fully secure it by adding a Radome 2 by concealing the entire equipment from the prying eyes. For the others, everything may look like a regular dome light for the home - nothing worth keeping.

Extend the Life of Your Antenna

The Radome 2 is made even tougher than the RocketDish by allowing it to last and sustain strong winds, scorching heat, and torrential rain and snow. Made from very tough materials, the dome definitely secures all the integral components very well. Nevertheless, they can still be very easy to manage should you wish to change your antenna or use the dome for another RocketDish. It minimizes the wind load, allowing the antenna to remain very steady.

Convenient Integration

The Radome 2 is designed to work with RocketDish 2G24, 3G26, 5G30, PowerBridge M10 antenna. The installation process is incredibly easy, and you can have all the systems up and ready, as well as protected, in no more than 10 minutes. This type of Radome has a measurement of 2 feet or roughly 645 mm. Indeed the Radome 2 is a beautifully crafted but industrial-grade protector for your wireless system.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - Radome 2
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Product review
Hyman Amory
Great quality of materials! Highly recommended.
Stevy Luvalle
Good cover. Nice design.
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Radome 2 RAD-RD2 Ubiquiti
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