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Ubiquiti RocketDish 3G26 (RD-3G26)

RD-3G26, RocketDish 3G26 3GHz 2x2 MIMO antenna, UBIQUITI

Brand: Ubiquiti
Model: RD-3G26
EAN/UPC: 0810354021275
$ 192.28 $ 175
In stock - 6 pcs
In stock - 6 pcs

RocketDish 3G26

Are you using Rocket M3? Then you can maximize its throughput and speed through RocketDish 3G26 outdoor antenna.

Dual-linear Polarization Technology

The RocketDish 3G26 antenna makes use of a dual-linear polarization technology, which means you have both the vertical and the horizontal polarization in one antenna. That’s a huge advantage for you since there’s no need to spend more money on another one. Second, you can easily increase your throughput and provide a more effective multi-thread communication. This is also meant for devices that are running through 802.11n.

Easy and Fast Installation

Don’t be deceived by the look and the name. The device is so easy to use and quick to install you don’t even have to use any special equipment or learn more about the antenna. The package already includes a mount, which you can then snap into the antenna. That’s about it! The device has been designed to securely fasten itself and is surely compatible with Rocket M3.


For any device that has to be set up outdoors, durability is one of the most essential things to keep in mind. The RocketDis 3G26 is made of very durable materials, and all the important parts are enclosed in a strong enclosure. It has a wind load of 113 pounds per 100 mph and a wind survivability of 120 mph. In other words, even if the winds are already too strong, you can still count on the antenna to perform. It also comes with RF jumpers that are weatherproof.

High Cross-pol Isolation

The Rocket3G26 has a high score for cross-pol isolation. While the highest rate is around 20 dB, the device has 13dB, which means that there’s very little leak when it comes to the two antenna polarizations when using WiFi at long distances. For short range, meanwhile, it signifies faster or higher speed.

Operating Frequency 3.3-3.8 GHz
Dimensions 648 mm diameter
Weight 9.8 kg
Polarization Dual Linear
Technical Specs / Datasheet - RocketDish 3G26 Quick Start Guide - RocketDish 3G26
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Berkeley Schwyzer
More than i expected! 5 starts!!
Rene Lemmi
One the best thing, you can find here! Pure quality for low price.
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Ubiquiti RocketDish 3G26 (RD-3G26)
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