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Data over Powerlines
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MikroTik PWR-Line EU (PL7400)

PLC chipset: AR7420
Memory: 1MB Flash
Pwr-line port type: microUSB

Brand: MikroTik
Model: PL7400
EAN/UPC: 4752224002457
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In stock - 18 pcs

PL7400 is designed for MikroTik products with microUSB port, like hAP mini or hAP lite. Connect PL7400 to your electrical outlet and then connect the USB cable to power your supported MikroTik device. When doing the same with another PWR-LINE compatible device somewhere further in your premises, the devices will form a 100Mbit (max) connection without needing to install any LAN cables.

Comes with Type C power plug (commonly used in Europe, South America and Asia)


To enable PWR-LINE functionality, MikroTik device will need to have RouterOS v6.44 or newer software version installed. Please note that PWR devices must be connected via the same electrical phase circuit.

Supported devices

hAP lite (RB941-2nD), hAP lite tower (RB941-2nD-TC), hAP mini (RB931-2nD), mAP (RBmAP2nD) and mAP lite (RBmAPL-2nD). The device is also fully compatible with our PWR-LINE AP devices.

How it work

The PWR-LINE is a replacement power adapter for your microUSB powered MikroTik router. It’s compatible with all the latest microUSB powered devices made by MikroTik, a simple software upgrade to v6.44+ enables this feature (supported by the mentioned devices with serial numbers that ends with /9xx. PWR-LINE functionality is also supported by some of previously manufactured units - if you have unit with serial number that ends with /8xx , upgrade to 6.44 and see if PWR-LINE interface shows up).

Simply take away the old microUSB power adapter, and replace it with the PWR-LINE adapter. The device is still powered from USB, but now it gains a new Ethernet interface, which works over the electrical grid. Connect another PWR-LINE device somewhere in your apartment, and the devices will be joined together, allowing you to extend wireless coverage, or simply ease connectivity between different rooms, without requiring you to lay any cabling.


Processor Specs PLC AR7420
Storage Size 1 MB
Storage Type FLASH
Tested ambient temperature -20°C to 60°C
PWR-line port type microUSB
PWR-line data rate 100 Mbit
Technical Specs / Datasheet - MikroTik PWR-Line EU Quick Start Guide - MikroTik PWR-Line EU
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MikroTik PWR-Line EU (PL7400)
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