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MikroTik RB2011iL-RM

MikroTik RB2011iL-RM

Brand: MikroTik
Model: RB2011iL-RM
EAN/UPC: 0733115908533
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In stock - 19 pcs


If you’re having problems with your router or want to create an access point or a bridge without breaking the bank, you can do so if you invest on RB2011iL-RM.

RouterOS Level 4

The RB2011iL-RM is fitted with a comprehensive operating system license L4. With it, you can take advantage of up to 15 days of initial configuration support through electronic mail. It can be upgraded to version 6.x, though the L4 doesn’t have any expiration date. The use of this license makes the router board very flexible as it can be converted into a wireless client, wireless bridge, and wireless access point. It also supports various types of channels and protocols such as RIP and BGP.

Full Security

The RB2011iL-RM can be configured up to 200 active users in the hotspot. It also allows for unlimited queues, and 20 active sessions on the user manager. The allowed number of KVM guests is unlimited. You can also run unlimited VLAN interfaces and make use of the RADIUS client, which is essential for login authentication. You may also set up a firewall and dynamic routing systems.

Plenty of Ports

The device has 5 LAN ports that are complemented by 5 fast Ethernet ports. All of these make creation of various networking schemes fast, easy, and reliable. The router board can be used with layer-3 switches, firewalls, bandwidth managers, and routers. The Gigabit Ethernet ports now permit you to share devices such a printer as well as content and network with great ease.

The RB2011iL-RM includes a new feature - power injector on Ethernet port 10 - it can power other PoE capable devices with the same voltage as applied to the unit. Less power adapters and cables to worry about! Maximum load on the port is 500mA.


The RB2011iL-RM can be accessed through a specially created management board with a very intuitive interface and excellent graphical user interface. All the settings that you need to keep track or modify can be found here. You can also take advantage of the web-based system, which a lot of people these days are more familiar with.

The RB2011iL-RM includes a rack mount and a power supply.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - MikroTik RB2011iL-RM Quick Start Guide - MikroTik RB2011iL-RM
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Product review
Silas Serrell
I ‘ve spend a week after I setup this baby – still learning! A lot of options!!
Barnabe Cancelliere
Too cheap to be true!! Awesome device for professional use!!
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MikroTik RB2011iL-RM
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