Temperature Sensor
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Temperature Sensor mFi-THS Ubiquiti

mFi-THS, Temperature Sensor for ubnt mPort, mFi controller, UBIQUITI

Brand: Ubiquiti

Model: mFi-THS

EAN/UPC: 0810354021121

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Temperature Sensor

How much do you spend for your air-conditioning units, among others? Do you know that a huge portion of your money actually goes to them? If you want to be practical, you definitely want to have more control over how much you spend for them. Fortunately, you already have tools such as a temperature sensor.

Ubiquiti Network has just released a wide array of sensors that can be attached or complemented to machines to help you keep track, manage, and even make your life a little simpler and more efficient. The temperature sensor can be used to:

Monitor HVAC

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning units. A good home should have all of these components properly set up and monitored. A leak in the vents, for example, can immediately increase utility costs. The purpose of the temperature sensor is to help you monitor the condition of your HVAC. The various settings can allow you identify the potential or existing issues that can affect the performance of the systems and the utility bills.

Gather vital information

You can also use the temperature sensor to acquire data related to the climate. This is actually very important since you can properly schedule technologies such as thermostats, air-conditioning units, and humidifiers, to name a few. You can identify how long they should be running as well as have a very good idea how much you would likely spend for utilities in a particular season. In other words, the temperature enhances your budgeting skills.

Run the devices

You can also connect the temperature sensor to energy-based devices. The changes in temperature can also trigger certain actions. For example, a drop in temperature may turn the A/C temperature low. On the other hand, you can conveniently schedule thermostat use by customizing temperature settings. Installing all the needed components is easy and fast.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - Temperature Sensor Quick Start Guide - Temperature Sensor User Guide - Temperature Sensor
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Product review
Al Barnes
Love this piece of hi tech! Sensor on its own, but the temperature sensor does what it is supposed to do in my mFi system. Its larger than I would think a temp sensor would need to be, but not abnormally so. Keep in mind this is for indoor use only, at least in my climate. The sensor cannot handle extreme cold. It connects to your mPort via cat5 and draws its power that way, so no additional power is required. If you check the Ubiquiti forums or FAQ, they will reveal that this sensor, with the right wiring, is actually a temperature and a humidity sensor, though it is not sold / supported as such.
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Temperature Sensor mFi-THS Ubiquiti
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