MikroTik R2SHPn
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MikroTik R2SHPn

R2SHPn, MIKROTIK R2SHPn 1.6W 802.11b/g/n MMCX x1, miniPCI Adapter

Brand: MikroTik

Model: R2SHPn

EAN/UPC: 0733115909905

4.6 /5
reviews (5)
$ 40.00
$ 39.00
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In stock - 24 pcs
In stock - 24 pcs

The new 2.4GHz super high power wireless card for long range links and powerful access points. This is the professional choice for reaching the last mile - 1600mW transmit power will give you the ability to reach even further than before. Up to 125Mbit throughput is possible with this device! Works in the 2.4GHz frequency (2192-2732MHz depending on country regulations)

The card features built-in LED indicators for wireless mode, connection status (connected, searching, disabled), TX and RX activity and wireless signal strength - just looking at the card will help with installation and alignment.

The card comes with a preinstalled industrial grade heatsink, one MMCX connector and nine LED indicator lights.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - MikroTik R2SHPn
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Product review
Elena Ward
This is an ok wireless card it works fast and great until you install the utility the utility makes my web browser (Mozilla Firefox) freak out. But I uninstalled it from my computer and just use the windows config and it works perfect after that
Fred Buchanan
Awesome! The only issue I have with this is that it is an awkward fit into my PCI slots. I can't seem to screw the plate to the chassis.
I attribute this more to my MB, as I have the same problem with a PCIe SSD I also have installed.
Helen Mcdonald
Plug and play that works as advertised.
Sergio Bowman
I got this for my brother's hand-me-down desktop that I was working on, circa 2006. I found that it was not supported by his clean Win7 install, though he told me it worked out of the box with Ubuntu 13.04
Yolanda Hill
I was hitting my head up against the wall trying to get my wireless card to work. Throwing my old card (rt61pci based) in the trash and buying this one was the best thing I ever did. It connected instantly the very first time. Life is too short to waste on iwconfig.
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