Teltonika FM6320
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Teltonika FM6320

Teltonika FM6320

Brand: Teltonika

Model: FM6320

EAN/UPC: 4779027311548

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In stock - 1 pcs

Dual SIM
Double GSM network reliability with Dual SIM! Even if your main SIM card fails to connect, FM6320 will stay online. Moreover, Dual SIM significantly reduces roaming costs, when using first SIM card for Home, second for Roaming data networks.

Micro SD card
Don’t lose any records with micro SD card up to 32 GB! FMB630 will store all data in micro SD card when driving in areas where 3G/GSM is not available.

Integrated tachograph solution
Integrated tachograph solution enables remote tachograph file (DDD, V1B, C1B or TGD format) download and live tachograph info acquisition without any additional adapter. Easier than ever connection – less integration time.

RS232/RS485 functionality enables connection of third party devices like: multiple LLS sensors, GARMIN personal navigation device, RFID readers or some other RS232/RS485 devices.

GNSS antenna disconnection detection
GNSS antenna disconnection detection will monitor the state of GNSS antenna. If any person cuts or disconnects the antenna, You will be immediately informed about such action.

MVC300 – online photos
Online photo solution allows to receive photo to server from your fleet management devices. FM6320 device 3G feature allows to receive photo in less than 1 minute after event.

J1708 CAN support Read fuel data from heavy duty vehicles, from which fuel data reading was not possible before. J1708 CAN protocol ensures fuel data reading from Volvo and Renault heavy duty vehicles.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - Teltonika FM6320 User Manual - Teltonika FM6320
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Teltonika FM6320
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