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Ubiquiti ToughSwitch PoE (TS-5-POE)

TS-5-POE, ToughSwitch PoE, 5x Gigabit Ethernet, 24V PoE Support, UBIQUITI

Brand: Ubiquiti
Model: TS-5-POE
EAN/UPC: 0810354022876
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ToughSwitch PoE

The quality of the device is very important considering that the cables are needed to provide a stable and good-quality Internet throughput. ToughSwitch PoE doesn’t disappoint in this category as it is covered by rubber casing, ensuring that even if it’s dropped, it doesn’t immediately get damaged. It is also made of metal materials that further extend the life of the device and guarantees that there’s proper flow of electricity as metal is a very good conductor.

Easy Deployment

The ToughSwitch PoE is a cost-effective device that is composed of 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports. These allow you to build the kind of network you want to have for your small office or home office. Being Gigabit, the device can support other technologies such as HDTVs or gaming consoles, as well as other gadgets that can be added into the wireless network.

Aside from this, the switch comes with passive PoE support, which means you can use the same Ethernet cable in order to deliver power to the device, making sure that you don’t end up dealing with a lot of wires or cables. To make things even a lot better, each of the ports can be PoE with support for either 24V or48V. It can take care up to 150W of power. Passive PoE also covers considerable distance.

The bundle also includes the right brackets and mounts so you may be able to attach this on the wall.

Advanced Features

The ToughSwitch PoE is very easy to manage. It comes with a user-friendly interface made up of very useful features such as configuration for virtual local area network, monitoring of the ports, and management and connection services of the system. It also offers support to two protocols, which are STP and RSTP, as well as jumbo frame and ping watchdog. Moreover, you can configure the alerts.


Clean Industrial Design
The TOUGHSwitch is designed to simplify deployment, consolidating the delivery of data and passive PoE (as needed).

Convenient PoE Support
The TOUGHSwitch supports 24V or 48V passive PoE to power multiple devices on your network.
Carrier-Class Reliability
The TOUGHSwitch™ delivers uptime performance equal to leading carrier or enterprise technology solutions.
Industrial-Strength Construction
The TOUGHSwitch™ is purpose-built with robust mechanicals for industrial application use.
A Single Power Source
Featuring software-selectable output voltage control, the TOUGHSwitch™ PoE PRO and Carrier models can power 24V or 48V devices.
Intuitive UI
Designed for efficient setup and control, the graphical user interface is easy to use and manages advanced Layer 2 features, including:
  • Port monitoring
  • System connection and management services
  • Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) configuration
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)/Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
  • Jumbo frame support
  • Ping Watchdog
  • Configurable alerts


Switch Ports 5 Ports
Switch Type Managed
Technical Specs / Datasheet - ToughSwitch PoE Quick Start Guide - ToughSwitch PoE User Guide - ToughSwitch PoE
Product video
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Product review
It feels solid and expensive, but it's Ubiquiti! You get quality for cheap. Have not had any issues with this switch. Love the web interface!
Gina Livingstone
I could access the web interface through the management port only. The solution on both occasions was to unplug the switch for a few hours and plug it back in when it had cooled off. Once it starts working, it doesn't stop working unless I power cycle it while hot. However , very good device for a good price. You should buy it too if you are looking for a quality.
I've been running this one for several months now and have had no performance issues besides that which I mentioned above. All in all, these are nice switches to have if you need to power a lot of Ubiquiti devices in one place.
I am really very happy with what little device. I've gotten out of the switch, but based on my UniFi experience I dread that something happens that causes me to have to RMA the device.
Ubiquiti fan
Ubiquiti TS-5-POE TOUGHS was super easy to set up and it works great. It would be better if the SSH interface was better documented as there is a lot you can do from there if you can poke around and figure it out.
We received what we order in the time that was offer.
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Ubiquiti ToughSwitch PoE (TS-5-POE)
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