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Teltonika FMB640

GPRS, GNSS, GSM, Bluetooth
RS232/RS485, CAN J1939

Brand: Teltonika
Model: FMB640
EAN/UPC: 4779027312330
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Teltonika FMB640 is GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth terminal for PROFESSIONAL applications. FMB640 is designed for complex solutions, where one device can do multiple tasks. FMB640 features like FMS CAN data (J1939), fuel CAN data (J1708), tachograph live data (K-Line), remote tachograph file download, various third party RS232 or RS485 devices support and Dual-SIM will maximize your fleet efficiency.Terminal is suitable for applications like international logistics, refrigerated transport, agriculture, construction & mining, security & emergency services and even more.

• RS232/RS485 – data from external devices – fulfill customer special needs
• Tacho data and DDD files – remote access to tacho data – saves time and expenses
• FMS/LV-CAN/ALL-CAN – CAN data from various transport – expand value for customer

Dual SIM
Double GSM network reliability with Dual SIM! Even if your main SIM card fails to connect, FMB640 will stay online. Moreover, Dual SIM significantly reduces roaming costs, when using first SIM card for Home, second for Roaming data networks.
Integrated Blue-tooth 4.0 LE allows usage of various wireless sensors and grants compatibility with previously available Blue-tooth V3.0 features like device configuration, firmware update, headset support. Retrieve temperature and humidity information from Blue-tooth sensors without the need of wired connection – reduce installation costs. Make phone calls to your employee via Blue-tooth headset – be sure that your employee is always safe and uses hands free headset instead of phone!
Integrated tachograph solution
Integrated tachograph solution
Integrated tachograph solution enables remote tachograph file (DDD, V1B, C1B or TGD format) download and live tachograph info acquisition without any additional adapter. Easier than ever connection – less integration time.
RS232/RS485 functionality enables connection of third party devices like: multiple LLS sensors, GARMIN personal navigation device, RFID readers or some other RS232/RS485 devices.
battery Internal battery

Feel safe when vehicle is monitored by device with internal battery. When vehicle battery is
disconnected, device still remains online and sends data to server.


Protocol compatible NMEA, GGA, GGL, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG
Receiver 33/ 99 acquisition channel
Tracking sensitivity -165 dBM
Accuracy < 3 m
Hot start < 1 s
Warm start < 25 s
Cold start < 35 s
Technology GSM/GPRS
2G Quad-band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
GPRS GPRS Mobile Station Class B
Data transfer GPRS Multi-Slot Class 12(up to 240 kbps)
Data support SMS (text/data)
Power consumption At 12V < 7 mA(Deep Sleep)
At 12V < 12 mA(Online Deep Sleep)
At 12V < 28 mA(GPS Sleep)
At 12V < 65 mA(nominal)
At 12V <120 mA (GPRS)
Specification V4.0
Supported peripherals Hands set, Configuration, Temperature and Humidity sensor
K-line 1
LED indication 2 status LED lights
Memory 1MB internal flash memory and external Micro SD card
Physical specification
Dimensions 104,1 x 76,8 x 31,5 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 197 g
Operating environment
Operating temperature (without battery) -40 °C to +85 °C
Storage temperature (without battery) -40 °C to +85 °C
Operating humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Sensors Accelerometer
Scenarios Green/Eco Driving, Over Speeding detection, Jamming detection, Excessive Idling detection, Towing detection, Crash detection, Immobilizer, iButton Read Notification.
Functionalities Auto Geofencing, Manual Geofencing, Trip detection, Odometer, Fuel counter, GNSS Unplug Detection, DDD download and Tacho online data, Offline tracking, Voice call
Supports Garmin, RFID RS232, RFID 1-Wire, iButton 1-Wire, Temperature 1-Wire, LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, CAN FMS (J1939, J1708), K-line data, Continentall tire pressure measurement sensor
Sleep modes GPS Sleep, Online Deep Sleep, Deep Sleep
Configuration and firmware update FOTA Web, FOTA, USB cable
SMS Configuration, Events, DOUT control, Debug
GPRS commands Configuration, DOUT control, Debug
Time Synchronization GPS, NITZ, NTP
Fuel monitoring LLS (Analog), LV-CAN, ALL-CAN, CAN FMS, RS232/485 Fuel sensor, Ultrasonic level sensor
Ignition detection Digital Input, Accelerometer, External Power Voltage
Certification & Approvals
Regulatory Declaration of IMEI assignment
FMB640 replaces the folowing EOL products: Teltonika FMB630.
Cellular connectivity 2G
Bluetooth yes
GSM antenna type external
GNSS antenna type external
OBD II data no
Digital Inputs 4
Negative Inputs none
Impulse Inputs 2
Analog Inputs 4
Digital Outputs 4
USB Type A charger port no
1-Wire interface yes
Internal battery energy (Wh) 4.62
IP rating IP41
Power supply range, V (10-30) yes
Power supply range, V (6-30) no
2X SIM Card (Dual-SIM) yes
1x Nano SIM no
1x Micro SIM no
1x eSIM no
CAN adapters support yes
CAN interface yes
1-Wire interface RFID functionality yes
Eco driving/Green Driving yes
Fuel monitoring digital LLS yes
Fuel monitoring (CAN adapters, FMS) yes
RS232 yes
RS485 yes
DDD download and Tacho online data yes
Crash detection yes
Towing detection yes
Configuration and firmware update over Bluetooth yes
Configurable alarm button no
Man-down no
Technical Specs / Datasheet - Teltonika FMB640 User Manual - Teltonika FMB640
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Teltonika FMB640
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