NanoBracket Light for RB SXT
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NB-SXT-LIGHT - RF Elements NanoBracket Light for RB SXT

NanoBracket Light for RB SXT, RF Elements

Brand: RF Elements


EAN/UPC: 0733115908410

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NanoBracket SXT

The excellent NanoBracket SXT from RF Elements is exclusively designed for the easy, fast, and simple installation of MikroTik’s RouterBoard SXT either on the pole or on the wall. Its unique positioning system enables the efficient and appropriate positioning of the antenna in the rotation, elevation, and azimuth—simply effective, simple, and revolutionary.

Excellent-Quality Overall Design

Proven by a good number of installations of similar other Nanobracket products over the past years, the NanoBracket SXT is manufactured exclusively for use with and for MikroTik’s well-known Wireless CPE RouterBoard SXT. It allows for the easy and quick installation of the device in a pole or a wall. Made of excellent-quality, durable, and UV-stabilized ABC plastic, the NanoBracket SXT’s colour and materials ideally match with the device that after mounting, the NanoBracket SXT and RouterBoard SXT seem to appear as one single entity.

Unique Positioning System

RF Elements’s NanoBracket SXT allows elevation changes for all three axes in the range of 50°. You can make use of the maximum transmission efficiency from wireless links of the MiMo Dual Polarization with the use of the 3-Axis Positioning System, which is popularly unique to the NanoBracket SXT and the exclusive products from RF Elements.

Easy and Quick Installation

As it is based on the 3-Axis Positioning System, RF Element’s NanoBracket SXT belongs to the second-generation ball hinges category. The ease of installation that one derives from the NanoBracket SXT is second to none in the today’s international market. It allows for easy and quick installation on the pole or on the wall.

Durable and Versatile

RF Element’s NanoBracket SXT is made from top-notch quality die-cast aluminium and high-standard-quality, durable, and UV-stabilized ABS plastic materials. All screws that come with the pack are of stainless steel.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - NanoBracket Light for RB SXT
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Product review
Colver E
It was mistake, when I buy my RouterBoard SXT without this thing. Nice and cheap!
Ingunna Opie
Without it you cant mount your SXT and Omni Tik anyhow you want, but with this one – you can do it fast and easy
Seymour Martin
Love this thing – you can put it however you want! Highly recommended.
Mark Grant
Holder developed especially for the CPE Router Board SXT from MikroTik. With that stuff you can install it anyway you want.
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