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Introducing MikroTik Products • LtAP • wAP ac LTE • LHG 60G • GPeR

Introducing MikroTik Products • LtAP • wAP ac LTE • LHG 60G • GPeR

Introducing LtAP – a heavy-duty 4G (LTE) access point with GPS support

The new LtAP is a compact 4G (LTE) capable weatherproof wireless access point – perfect for busy urban environment or off-the-grid outdoors networking. It has a built-in cellular modem that supports 4G (LTE) connectivity – no need for additional devices, it works out of the box.

Its high power 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n wireless capability provides secure access to LTE network from your phone or any other wireless device with up to 150 Mbps download speed. You can also use a Gigabit Ethernet LAN port for your wired devices. There are several power options – DC jack, PoE-in and automotive.

The rugged and extremely durable case with a special
wall mounting kit will be perfect for almost any challenge: from public transportation, food trucks or logistics to harsh winter and stormy desert environment. LtAP can handle any temperature from -40 C° to +70 C°. It is a perfect solution for tracking vehicles in real time. We have provided a simple tracking application example in the RouterOS documentation to help you get started. LtAP even has 3 Mini SIM slots for easy roaming management. Saves your time and money worldwide!

The unit comes with an extra miniPCIe slot, offering many expansion options. For example, you can install a second LTE modem for redundancy or a 5 GHz interface to have dual concurrent 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz AP + LTE. Another miniPCIe slot is already populated with the LTE modem.

LtAP has a RS232 serial port, which gives you console access for debugging, as well as full size USB for other devices.


The new LtAP is more than an access point – it is what you need it to be wherever you need it to be.

Three models are available:

• LtAP LTE kit ( RBLtAP-2HnD&R11e-LTE ) with R11e-LTE modem for International bands 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 20, 38 and 40.

• LtAP 4G kit ( RBLtAP-2HnD&R11e-4G ) with R11e-4G modem for International / USA bands 3, 7, 20, 31, 41n, 42 and 43.

• LtAP ( RBLtAP-2HnD ) without LTE card.


wAP ac LTE – powerful and versatile dual-band wireless access point with LTE support


Small package with huge ambition – the wAP ac LTE is an extremely cost-effective dual-band (2.4/5 GHz) home access point based on our popular weatherproof wAP form factor. It has two Gigabit Ethernet ports – you can use the device as a wired router with LTE backup via the Micro SIM slot. Alternatively, you can also enjoy wireless experience anywhere – indoors or outdoors. wAP ac LTE is designed to deliver strong and reliable connection in almost any situation and weather conditions. It can withstand temperatures from -30 C° to +60 C° and can be easily mounted on walls, ceilings or poles.

Don’t be fooled by the compact size – this device is powered by a four core 716 MHz CPU and 128 MB RAM,
capable of handling heavy loads. Dual-chain 2.4 GHz and dual-chain 5 GHz wireless for dual concurrent AP coverage will solve most interference issues in a crowded environment. For example, you can  simultaneously use the 2.4 GHz channel for all your household mobile devices and reserve the 5 GHz channel for tasks that are sensitive to packet loss – such as streaming high-quality videos.

High performance, great value, astonishing durability, functional and non-intrusive design – wAP ac LTE will meet most demands without making sacrifices.

Three models are available:

• wAP ac LTE kit (RBwAPGR-5HacD2HnD&R11e-LTE) with R11e-LTE modem for International bands 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 20, 38 and 40.
• wAP ac 4G kit (RBwAPGR-5HacD2HnD&R11e-4G) with R11e-4G modem for International / USA bands 3, 7, 20, 31, 41n, 42 and 43.
• wAP R ac (RBwAPGR-5HacD2HnD) without LTE card.


LHG 60G – a high-speed 60 GHz CPE point-to-multipoint unit, perfect solution for crowded wireless spectrum


No need to share frequency with your neighbors and lose valuable time – LHG 60G offers a simple and effective 60 GHz solution for wireless connection where the 2 GHz and 5 GHz wireless space is crowded and unreliable. Connect up to eight of these units to a 60 GHz access point, such as our wAP60G AP or wAP 60Gx3 AP, and enjoy smooth connection with data rate up to 2 Gbps.

The effective point-to-point distance between LHG 60G units is up to 1500 meters, point-to-multipoint – up to 800 meters. The grid design ensures protection against wind, it can withstand temperatures from -40 C° to +70 C°. Antenna element is built into the wireless unit – no loss on cables.

LHG 60G is shipped with an aim tool for easy precision alignment and strong metal LHG mount. Order it today and forget about wireless interference!


Gigabit Passive Ethernet Repeater (GPeR) - best way to extend your Ethernet network in the trickiest spots


gperGPeR is a part of our new concept to replace Gigabitcapable Passive Optical Networks with powerful Ethernet solutions. It is considerably cheaper and so much easier to deploy!

The GPeR unit allows to extend Ethernet cable by additional hop (< 100 – 150 m to regular network devices, up to 210 m to another GPeR unit) up to 1,500 m. Maximum length of CAT6 Ethernet cable between GPeR and power source/router is up to 100 m. Maximum distance of CAT6 Ethernet cable between two GPeR devices is up to 210 m. Higher quality cables will enable longer distance.


Especially handy for high-rise office buildings, apartment buildings and co-working spaces with many floors and sections, where very long Ethernet or fiber optic cables might be a problem. GPeR is a product of pure function – nothing superfluous.


Wi-Fi on Mount Everest


wi-fi_everestWhat do climbers miss the most during their trips? Food, oxygen, heat? For many people the answer is friends and family. That’s why we are happy to see our devices as a part of the “Everest Link” success story – a reliable and accessible alternative for satellite communications at the Everest base camp. They provide ~30 local Wi-Fi modems to expeditions, their system can transmit around ~50 megabytes per second. Most climbers use this connection to talk to their loved ones.

Since this story has been featured by National Geographic, many people have asked – what setup would we recommend for such extreme environments?

Well, while the options are endless, we suggest a strong and cost-effective combination of several SXT 2 CPE devices, a NetMetal 5 triple router, mANT30 antenna and a mANTBox 15s. This extensive setup will be easy to maintain and should last ages. The NetMetal router is both unbelievably sturdy and simple to use: it can even be opened and closed with one hand, which might come in handy in the mountains.

If you have an extreme or interesting MikroTik setup – feel free to share it with us!


MikroTik goes to space


mikrotik_spacexWe design our devices to endure any environment, but seeing our Metal series wireless radio device on the lifting mechanism of SpaceX Falcon rocket – that’s a surreal experience. Who knows – maybe someday there will be a network of MikroTik distributors on Mars?

If you are looking for a powerful outdoor wireless device with otherworldly durability, look no further than the Metal 52 ac. It has a Gigabit Ethernet port and a selectable wireless band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, up to 80 MHz wide channel).

Its fully sealed, industrial design metal case, super high output power and adaptability will prove useful in many situations. The Metal comes with an AP software license, so you can use it as an AP, to make wireless point-to-point links or as a CPE – whatever you prefer!

We wish Mr. Elon Musk and the amazing team of engineers behind the SpaceX project best of luck in the upcoming launches!


Upcoming MUM events in 2019


Meet MikroTik staff, certified trainers, master distributors and top network engineers. Witness latest technology demos and receive answers to all your networking questions!

Admission is FREE. There is no minimum attendance requirement, we welcome novice users and seasoned professionals. People of all skill levels will find something useful at the MUM. Any questions?
Do not hesitate to contact us!

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