Important information for customers regarding deliveries affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). Read more
Сhanges in EURO DK operation

Сhanges in EURO DK operation


Dear EURO DK customers,

Due to the Covid-19 and extensive precaution measures some deliveries may be delayed.
In some regions, which were effected the most, we would advice you to contact your courier and arrange the delivery time directly.
According to the information provided by shipping companies the delivery time may be extended because of the transit queues on the borders.
The situation is constantly changing because of the new restrictions implemented by each governments. We advice you to follow the latest news.

Please follow your order tracking numbers closely!

As soon as your shipment shows up in your city/region we strongly advice you to contact UPS proactively to arrange the delivery.

If you have any issues with the delivery you can't solve locally, please contact us and we'll try to help. Please check the local phone numbers for UPS in Europe:

France UPS: + 33 1 73006661

Italy UPS: +39 02 30303039 or +39 02 25088000

Spain UPS : +34 91 7872280 or +34 91 7797373

Germany UPS: +49 6966 405060

United kingdom UPS: +44 207 9490190 or +44 3457 877 877

Netherlands UPS: +31 20 5040500

We as EURO DK are working normally. The orders are being shipped daily.

However, the majority of the employees work from home and are unavailable via phone. Please contact us via email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay safe!
Sincerely yours,

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It is impossible to chat with you !
Nobody's answering.
olá você envia pra o Brasil não tem na lista dos pais
EURO DK team
Thank you for the questions!
We ship worldwide. You can easily check the prices and time estimates in the cart after you add items and your shipping address there. Please write questions to in order to receive more specific response.
Good day;
Can you ship to Nigeria? How man days the shipping will take and how can I contact the shipping company......
where can I find the costs of the shipment to Poland and/or Germany?
I need ToughCable Carrier
I do understand no problema
Furkan ethem
Merhaba öncelikle Türkiye ye teslimat yapıyo musunuz ayrıca kargo ücretler nelerdir korgo parasını siz mi ödüyorsunuz
Do you ship to Singapore?
Hey I wanted to know if you guys deliver to India via national post service , and approximately how much time will it take?
And how am I supposed to contact my courier?
invia pro brasil ?
Hi can you ship to Maldives
Hi, can you ship to Brunei?
What is your approved shipping company to ship goods to Saudi Arabia? Is Aramex, DHL or UPS?
Carlos Miguel
Quanto tempo ,para mercadoria chegar em Angola,no continente Africano?
Carlos Miguel
Quanto tPorém, quando deres algo a um pobre, não deixes que a tua mão esquerda saiba o que a direita está a fazer, leva para receber a mercadria em Angola em Africa?
you can delivered in UAE , how much days ???
Can you ship to Singapore?
Thank you Euro Dk team.i am glad to know you can ship to The Gambia.
Few more questions: I want to place an order for different ubiquiti APS,
Unifi switches n a gen2 cloud key. Are you able to package all my
purchased devices in one single box instead of seperate?
Lastly, how many work days would it take approx during this pandemic
Period to ship to Gambia.
I am ready to place my order as soon I have I hear back from you on this.
Regards, Bob
EURO DK team
@Abdualrhman, Greetings, Yes we can ship to Saudi Arabia.
Can Alfa awus1900 be shipped to Saudi Arabia?
I would like to order 32qty of U Fiber, Multi-Mode Module, 10G module
Need info on below points
1. Do you ship to UAE and what is the lead time.
2. How much is the price for 32qty
Hello EURO DK Team,
Can you tell me more about the Mikrotik 60-GHz kits? (RBLHGG-60adkit) Are these units manufactured in Latvia? Is the lack of supply at each distributor due to component delays from Asia? Do you have an ETA when these units will ship again?
Thank you!
Hi, are you able to ship to Mexico?
EURO DK team
@bob, Greetings,
Yes, we can ship to Gambia.
You need to place the order online.
Thank you!
EURO DK team
@Alex Greetings,
Yes we can ship to Philippines.
Please place the order online.
Thank you!
EURO DK team
@Tigran, please contact our sales team directly, we will check all the details of your case and will try to assist as fast as we can. Thank you!
Hello,are you able to ship to The Gambia?
hello again i am talk with team EuroDk and my problem fixed cancel my order and money back,thnx for fast help eurodk
can you ship to Manila Philippines?
hello i am from Greece i am buy from store wifi adapter and waiting 1+ month and nothing, i am look tracking number my order stil in latvia elta postal not left from country ,i am go greece postal and ask about coronavirus and sey me greece postal work normal maybe latvia postal not working because coronavirus i dont know now i am send for cancel my order and not answer EURO DK yet.i am buy from euro dk many adapter and no problem fast shiping 1week coming but now not good.
EURO DK team
Greetings, @Karapet, 3-5 business days this is the standard delivery time. Unfortunately this period could be extended. For the moment we are advising to follow the delivery and contact to us and shipping company if you are experiencing any delay. Thank you!
Hello, what about Armenia? I prepared an order for Armenia and the system calculates 3-5 business days. Is the delivery time calculated taking into account problems associated with COVID-19
EURO DK team
Good day @ruel,
Unfortunately there is no option to ship to Philippines at the moment. We are waiting new updated from UPS and if situation will be changed we will post this information on our website. Thank you.
Hello, how can i ship orders in manila, philippines? Seems that theres no option for UPS. Thanks
Apparently Eurodk ships different items that are not even near the specs ordered. On contact. they refuse to even discuss their mistakes. Will not use nor refer them again.
Any issue to deliver Maldives
EURO DK team
Dear @Newone,
The support will be provided as usually. If you have any questions please contact us, we will be glad to assist. Thank you!
EURO DK team
Dear @Nabeel,
We ship orders as usually but unfortunately delivery time could be extended as all shipping service are overwhelmed at the moment. For any additional information regarding your order, please contact our customer support team Thank you!
is this affect the support?
Hi, Will this affect my orders??? I am from Maldives.


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