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AIRCAM, AirCam Airvision H.264 1MP megapixel IP cameara HDTV, UBIQUITI

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AirCam AirCam AirCam


Does your home need extra protection? Would you like to keep track of your surveillance cameras online? Do you want to have more power over your cameras? You can invest on an AirCam.

Different Mounting Options

The AirCam is a flexible IP camera that you can install either on the wall if you have to focus on a certain section or the ceiling if you want more covert surveillance system with wider coverage. The bundle already includes the mounting brackets that keep the cameras steady without compromising their best angle positions and movements. It has 47 degrees for the horizontal angle, 31 degrees for the vertical angle, and 54 degrees for the diagonal angle.

Great Image Quality

The device works on an excellent frame rate of 30fps, which means there is hardly any lag and the images or videos do not appear too grainy. It is further complemented by the 720p resolution for the videos, which is basically HD quality. The colors are more accurate and more things can be captured in one screen. It uses an H.264 format for compression, the same technology used by Blu-ray devices.


The UniFi Outdoor is powered over the Ethernet. This lessens the dependability on outlets, which are very rare to find outside the home. Instead, the power supply needed to run the camera goes through the Ethernet cable, the same path used to deliver Internet connection. The AirCam comes with a PoE adapter.

AirVision System

The AirCam is used alongside the specially designed software called AirVision. Upon installation you can now configure and change the settings of your IP camera remotely. Moreover, you can monitor the status, among others, using your preferred online browser. The page is completely secure using the https technology. You may also add extra features into the IP camera such as identification of zones for motion detection.

Technical Specs / Datasheet - AirCam Quick Start Guide - AirCam User Guide - AirCam airVision User Guide - AirCam
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Product review
Peter Evans
I am a biggest fan of Ubiquiti products; I have their Bullets and Nanos all over our ranch bringing network connectivity to several out buildings and our house. I needed an IP cam to monitor the water level in our water storage tanks so I thought I would give this inexpensive cam a try. Good cams for low price.
Paul King
You get what you pay for. Video is ok but the web user interface is limited. I can't knock it too hard because the price was so low. Was disappointed it would not work with standard POE switch, and had to run extra power cord for the Ubiquiti POE injector. Camera image appears slightly out of focus, it seems due to the lens. After several tries I could not achieve a better focus.
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